Forgotten Names

Posted on May 29, 2010

In August of 1942, German soldiers herded 27,000 residents of Rostov – mostly Jewish citizens – to a secluded area at the edge of the city and executed them. The victims included women, children and the elderly, murdered in cold blood. This was the largest massacre of innocent civilians to take place in Russia. Little information is available about this genocide. A comprehensive list of victims has never been compiled and there are not many people left of the older generation to offer first-hand knowledge. There is an urgent need to gather names, stories, and historical information while we still have an opportunity to hear about it from survivors of the war and their immediate relatives.

Other famous locations of Nazi genocides are well documented, like the well-known forest of Babi Yar. The Rostov massacre was somehow overlooked while piecing together the tragedies that befell our people in that dark time, and we don’t want the names of those innocent victims to be forgotten.

The Jewish community of Rostov is launching a holocaust memorial project that will include an extensive website to collect the names and stories of the victims. We hope to build a more detailed remembrance of the Rostov Jewish community and the terrible occurrence that happened there, in August, 1942.

If you have any information about the event or the community at that time, or you know of anyone else who may have information, please send it to us. We hope to begin compiling lists of actual names of these forgotten victims.

Thank you for your interest in our project, to remember the Jewish community of Rostov-on-Don.

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